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Spinning Planet provide professional web design & internet marketing. Our superior website design and Internet strategy are backed up with a 100% money back guarantee.

Brynn Neilson - Spinning Planet Founder"We're passionate about helping businesses succeed online and creating innovative internet marketing tools."
Brynn Neilson - Spinning Planet Founder

Website strategy for success

We have over 20 years International web research and development experience that allows us to create digital strategies for our clients so they succeed online.


Professional and personal service

We provide you with award winning support from our expert team located in New Zealand.

Update your own website

Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily update your website. It's one of the easiest systems to use in the World.


Grow your website with your business

Our CMS is modular so your website can grow as your business grows by either installing new plugins or we can custom program functionality for you.

Mobile Compatible

More than 30% of Internet traffic is on mobile devices like iPhones and Tablets. We create websites to be mobile compatible so you don't lose clients.

30 days

Your website completed within 30 Days

We have very streamlined systems and processes to ensure your website gets completed within 30 days of you supplying the content.

Get Found by Google

We'll optimise your website to ensure it gets found by Google and other major search engines.



We've built an Intrusion Detection System that protects your website and email 24/7. It's more than just a firewall, it bans baddies based on their website and email behaviour.

We triumph over spam

We've developed smart systems that stop 99% of spam. It not only uses International spam databases and bayesian algorithms but it also talks to the spamming server to assess whether they are real.


Your business website reliability is our responsibility

Our servers are located in Google's Cloud Compute platform to ensure 24/7 operation and reliability, We also do nightly and monthly backups so your website and emails are never lost.

Internet Marketing Experts

We use the latest research and have developed our own Internet marketing tools to promote your business to the World. We also create learning materials to show your team how to succeed online.

Internet Marketing

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